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The Nomadic Party exhibition, presented by the International Artist Collective Nine Dragon Heads, presents a series of events exploring how art transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. Organized concurrently with the 60th Venice Biennale, the exhibition and panel program feature the participation of 29 artists from 15 different countries... Read More
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Bedri Baykam is participating in CONTEXT Art Miami, one of the most popular art organizations in Miami, this year as well.  CONTEXT Art Miami, presented by Art Miami, annually offers an exceptionally strong platform for collectors to discover and acquire fresh and significant works in today's primary art market. Chicago-based Hilton... Read More
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The last minute text read: “Looking forward to our meeting.” I was racing to the World Art Day celebrations at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery Downtown after a morning at the TCM Fest in Hollywood and avant-garde theater in the afternoon at CalArts in Santa Clarita. A few days prior to April 15th, a friend told me there’d be a Turkish... Read More
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In the 18th edition of Contemporary Istanbul held at Tersane Istanbul, under the title of 'The Great Transformation of Contemporary Art in Turkey' within the framework of CIF Dialogues by İGA ART discussion panels, there will be a panel moderated by Bedri Baykam, with the participation of Sevil Binat, Can Elgiz, and Hasan Bülent Kahraman. The... Read More
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Hosted by the Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği (Association for the Support of Contemporary Life) and the Municipality of Beşiktaş, the donative exhibition called “I Have a Daughter in Anatolia” was opened last week at the Beşiktaş Contemporary Art Gallery to support the education of children in the earthquake zone.   At... Read More
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BEDRİ BAYKAM “STILL WET” RECENT ABSTRACTS @Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts April 6 - May 30, 2023 Bedri Baykam’s 147th solo show, “Still Wet” RECENT ABSTRACTS will be held at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts in Downtown LA, California, from April 6 to May 30,... Read More
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Bedri Baykam is participating to the Artweek of Miami, one of the most popular art organizations. Chicago-based Hilton Asmus Contemporary Gallery represents the artist at the “CONTEXT Art Miami” event, which took place in the 10th edition as part of Art Miami, between November 29 and December 4, 2022. Baykam, who participated with... Read More
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Drawn from Anette and Peter Nobel's Press Art collection, a new exhibition titled "And Now the Good News" opened today (April 13) in İstanbul's Pera Museum. This is an exhibition that could attract the interest of not only art lovers and artists but also journalists. Nearly 300 pieces of work by 164 artists including Andy Warhol, Alberto... Read More
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BEDRİ BAYKAM STUDIO’S LOST & FOUND April 16-May 31, 2021 Opening: Friday, April 16 | 12:00-20:00   What does a person lose? The things that we call lost ideas, are they flying out of our minds? Or are they our time, youth or health? Or are they our memories, those moments that we call "we have lived"? -... Read More
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The most important Berlin newspaper der Tagesspiegel’s influent critic Nicola Kuhn has published an extensive and large entitled " the courageous" article about Piramid Sanat/Art center, it’s Founder Bedri Baykam and the showing artist Sevval Basalan: “Piramid Sanat is a spot for Freedom in the Istanbul art scene”https://www.tagesspiegel.de/... Read More
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PRESS RELEASE AIAP/IAA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ART -Official Partner of UNESCO April 15 World Art Day Now, One of The International Unesco Days World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts, which was declared by the International Association of Art (AIAP/IAA), an official partner of ... Read More
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CONTEMPORARY ART FROM TURKEY WILL OPEN ITS DOORS ON THE 17TH OF FEBRUARY 2020 IN KYIV  Haluk Akakçe - Bahri Genç - Şükran Moral - Ertuğrul Akyüz - Deniz Gökduman - Ahmet Oran - Refik Anadol - Genco Gülan - Mehmet Özenbaş - Suzan Batu - Horasan - Bünyamin Özgültekin - Bedri Baykam - Hayal İncedoğan - Ardan Özmenoğlu - Bubi - Mustafa... Read More


Bedri Baykam, Galerie Lavignes-Bastille - Paris