Apart from İmamoğlu, there is a crowd that we should be thankful for the enthusiasm we indulge in. Binali Yıldırım, who would not accept the facts after losing the March elections and İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) addicted unearned income - interest groups and ATM circles, who dispatched even Tayyip Erdoğan to re-election on fabricated grounds! Economic parasites with various bulge wallets, some giant, some settling for daily funds. Thanks to their greed, Imamoglu is sitting in his mayoral seat with an exceptional courtesy from the public in İstanbul! Thank you, dear advocates! It’s a good thing that you’ve put that irresistible pressure on RTE (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan), and you’ve unwillingly become the architect of this great victory today! These smart-alecs who got inside their leader’s head saying “Do not worry, we will win 100 percent” are now looking for a place to hide in order not to incur the wrath of Erdoğan. Because they did not get enough of the 13 thousand votes in March, in June İmamoğlu presented them with the 806 thousand vote difference in a gold tray! I feel so grieved for not watching the pro-government channels when the results were announced that night. What I would not give now to see them live down in the dumps (too distressed to talk). Then, on different channels, I watched with a smile how many somersaults they had to juggle in order to unravel the situation. Look what happened thanks to the coercive partisan pressures that succeeded (!) in the encore of this election. The counter-ambitious environment in which the loser in İstanbul blew his own horn constantly reminding the low vote difference is long gone and it is replaced by the powerful Mayor, who has become the prince of the people and gained the trust of many from every walk of life. While they elaborated on their own ending, we were but left taken a back and concluded that “There is really a good thing within every evil!! Everywhere, from Kadıköy to Beylikdüzü, Sarıyer to Sultangazi, Beşiktaş to Bakırköy (Districts of İstanbul) turned into one great festival of celebration: there were convoys, people dancing in the streets, shouting slogans, carrying torch- burners, but except for a few malfunctions, there was no shooting guns! There is, in the end, that much cultural difference! After all, folks who could finally enjoy that great relief by singing songs with drinks in their hands, seemed to have reached the water in the desert in this oppressive and insulting environment they have been experiencing for years! I wish Enis Fosforoğlu, our esteemed theater player, could stay with us for at least two more days and be able to share this joy. His precious children shared these thoughts during his service. So many of our friends we lost recently and the young people who lost their lives at Gezi came up to my mind. I truly wish they could quaff (drink up) for this victory with excitement! I lived this unforgettable night in Beşiktaş enjoying every single bit of it with my family, district organization and Piramid team. On that day, there and then, the young people were entertaining, shouting slogans and climbing the statues as if reborn and evidently celebrating Gezi’s coming into power.

With these blunders, heavy runaways from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) can accelerate.

Did we say Gezi? Ask Mücella Yapıcı or Osman Kavala, who stand trial with penal servitude for thousands of years! Could there be a more ridiculous timing? 12 hours after the announcement of the results of this wonderful election began the Gezi trial in Silivri… Just like the Ergenekon and Balyoz cases, this is a case that people feel raw about. I cannot believe there is a mastermind, an initiator behind Gezi. I also look at the terrorist organizations prompted to be associated with Gezi and I say that beats it: For example, I have seen in the newspapers and witnessed on the street every day how Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETO) supporters and their media are against the youth at Gezi. I noticed that even the young supporters of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) remained distant at first and they did not shoot the ball without consultations with their master minds even though they envied the free spirit. That was prevalent. At that time, under his command many of Bahçeli’s youngest opponents also stayed away from Gezi. Then Bahçeli was Tayyip Erdoğan’s toughest rival. Gezi supporters were young people of all ages, of all frequencies adorned with freedom. Among them were Kemalists, socialists, liberals, anti-capitalist Muslims, independent nationalists, atheists, apolitics, rockers and all! You see, İmamoğlu too came from amongst that youth. How could they not be happy (that he was elected)? Another problem is the concocting evidence with these absurd fictions that infiltrated our lives during FETÖ and AKP period and severe criminal charges exceeding threat risk accusations, these will not bring peace to this country. Rather these yield a glacial environment where discrimination-hatred-conflict reigns and everyone fails to be even a normal citizen. Now with his embracing and loving identity, constructive rhetoric, an Imamoğlu wind blows in Turkish politics outstretching from İstanbul to Thrace, the Black Sea, the Aegean, Anatolia and even to the Southeast. Will the AKP and Tayyip Erdoğan behold that they are increasingly becoming distant from the public with these fear-striking and threatening policies or otherwise proceed with the typology of cases that mock the brain of the people by repeating the same fallacy they have plunged into while re-enforcing the election? Actually, AKP panicked without realizing that it made all the mistakes written in the book one after the other! It was as if a magic wand had enthralled their minds so that the difference of votes between the two parties could turn into a million. After talking about the matter of the State’s survival for months, the government in power had lost its orbit in as much as disclosing to the press their move to convey in excitement the summon to “stay neutral” to the Kurdish voters snatched from Abdullah Öcalan. Just as they thought that insulting the Black Sea people by calling them “Pontians looking like Muslims; like Ekrem” would earn them points… AKP still is not able to read that peace is rising and not chaos. While diving into an economic crisis, if the government, as we observe, cannot perceive the situation, continues to seek this illogical tension this is what will happen: People this time beyond feeling weary will be drawn to a new center-right gravitational field maybe the Ali Babacan or the Davutoğlu team creates and AKP’s fall will accelerate! In my opinion, as soon as Imamoglu comes to office, he must immediately dismiss the team which beat time in front of the municipality shouting “We will work with no one but Binali Yıldırım”… To say “We will not factionalize” does not mean one has to be tolerant to those who put their signature to a discrimination full of hatred which is far beyond partisanship.

There are other things to say about CHP. Kılıçdaroğlu’s deliverance of an outstanding performance is seemingly out of sight of the public... Not enough space to talk about this here; just be patient.

Post Date: 27.06.2019
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