“Voluntary Heroes”, Pains, Shames That Made History

24 March 2022
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“We had warned them”, “We had no choice”, “NATO was besieging us”. Putin and Putinists talk about this scenarioas if they are referring to a scorpion cornered by fire, which is almost cornered by...

A Human Rights Constitution? Don’t make me laugh!

11 March 2021
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So, it is said that Turkey will set sail to a democratic, free, just and humane life with human rights and the new constitution pack? AKP, the governing party that has ruled Turkey for the last 19...


14 January 2021
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After the chaotic sightings in the West, I started considering about this new “hybrid” face of the world, which occurs to be a blend of the 1st and the 3rd world, created by the USA and France, I...

The Syria border operation: How does the west perceives it and why...

31 October 2019
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On one hand, especially the ruling party (AKP) complains, saying “Why can’t the national unity be realized as desired by us?” and on the other, the hand of the opposition leader is not being shaken...

Good is born from evil! Victory is even more beautiful!

27 June 2019
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Apart from İmamoğlu, there is a crowd that we should be thankful for the enthusiasm we indulge in. Binali Yıldırım, who would not accept the facts after losing the March elections and İstanbul...

Open letter to the President of Turkey, MR. Erdogan

18 April 2017
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Dear Mr. President, I was amongst those who approved of the prior decision of The Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) not to participate in the Democracy Rally you held in İstanbul. This was due to...

No stopping now, go on with the violence & threats!

17 June 2013
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The police forces of AKP, have led serious attacks against the secular democrat crowds that have been protecting the Gezi Park in Istanbul's Taksim Square and last saturday have cleared the Gezi Park...

The Struggle for Freedom has to Last till the End!

06 June 2013
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Turkish democracy is going through its brightest, yet most critical and most important period. For over a week the Turkish people have been standing up for their rights and...

The government still doesn’t understand what’s going on!!!

04 June 2013
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We are experiencing one of the largest and most rapturous grassroots movements in the history of Turkey. There is not only the civil society and young people on the streets. Aunts, high school...

‘Artists Initiative’ shined in Bostancı

25 December 2012
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On Sunday. 4500 patriots who jammed the ‘Bostancı1 Performance Hall’ spent a very satisfying day enjoying a great organization realized by the ‘Artists Initiative’. Amongst those that made a mark on...


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